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About FleetScience

Redefining Fleet Management

Introducing FleetScience: Transforming How You Manage Your Fleet

Experience a new era in fleet management with FleetScience. Our cutting-edge software empowers you to gain unprecedented control over costs, optimise operations and drive efficiency like never before. Explore the future of fleet management today!

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Unlocking Powerful Fleet Management Capabilities

1. Vehicle Usage: Optimise Vehicle Utilisation

Understanding how your vehicles are used is vital. FleetScience’s vehicle usage analysis provides a holistic view of your fleet’s performance. Monitor fuel consumption, compare actual versus budgeted metrics, and track kilometres driven. Identify irregularities and unauthorised usage promptly to maintain control.

2. Driver Risk Management: Safeguard Your People

Managing on-road risk is essential. FleetScience’s driver risk algorithm creates individual risk profiles, flags incidents, and identifies exceptions. Prioritise safety and compliance while optimising driver performance.

3. Card Spend: Unveil Procurement Insights

Transparency is key to controlling costs. FleetScience’s card spend analysis tool audits and dissects all procurement made using fleet bank cards. Identify spending trends, flag irregularities and potential fraud, pinpoint cost-saving opportunities and ensure compliance effortlessly. Take charge of your finances with FleetScience.

4. Financial Analysis: Gain Control Over Fleet Costs

Efficient fleet management extends beyond operations—it’s about maintaining a firm grip on your finances. FleetScience’s powerful financial analysis module equips your finance team with the tools they need to meticulously track, analyse, and control fleet expenses. Navigate through intricate financial landscapes with confidence and precision.

5. Rep Movement: Reduce Call Cycle Costs

Eliminating waste from the cost to serve is challenging. FleetScience’s rep monitoring application uses geospatial locations to ensure vehicles and handheld devices move simultaneously. Track employee productivity, ensure ‘in person’ calls and stop unauthorised vehicle usage.

Maximise Your Fleet’s Potential

Budget Mastery:

Track individual fleet expenses, compare against budgets, and visualise financial data seamlessly.

Fuel Cost Management:

Monitor fuel consumption, analyse budget adherence, and maintain fuel efficiency targets.

Usage Monitoring:

Receive notifications for unauthorised vehicle usage, and private kilometres driven.

Digital Auditing:

Identify irregular card spend, fraudulent transactions, and unauthorised activity.

Opportunity Analysis:

Understand the cost of excessive fuel consumption, unauthorised vehicle usage, and irregular card spend.

Strategic Insights:

Utilise data-driven insights for informed decision-making, and enhanced fleet management.

Empowering Your Fleet Journey

Revolutionise your fleet management with FleetScience. Our intuitive interface, cutting-edge analytics, and intelligent fleet monitoring redefine what’s possible. From operations to finance, FleetScience is your partner in transforming fleet challenges into opportunities. Contact us today and drive your fleet into the future with FleetScience!

R99 / vehicle / month*

Pay-as-you-go subscription

No hardware costs

No contracts

*Price excludes VAT. Minimum charges apply for fleets < 200 vehicles